Everyone knows that a working air conditioner is a must-have item during the Spring and Summer. When your ac stop working it causes inconvenience and most of the time costly repairs. However, this may not always be the case.

As a homeowner when something breaks down you may immediately think you’re not capable of fixing the issue. Well, you’re wrong! There are some easy fixes or things that you may overlook which may be the cause of your air conditioning system not working.

Let’s break down the things you can check in your home which may be the cause of your AC not working before calling a technician.

Check Your Air Filter

Your air filter could be the cause of your ac not working properly. If your air filter is dirty you’ll have to replace it. when your air filter is clogged up it can cause your system to have problems running the way it should.

how to change your Air Filter

Step-by-step on How to change your air filter in your home:

  • Turn off both your thermostat and your furnace
  • remove the old filter and pay attention to the direction of the arrows so you’re aware of how to install the new air filter
  • Put in the new filter and put the cover back on
  • Lastly, turn your furnace and thermostat back on

Your furnace may take a little while to come back on.

If you feel you aren’t capable of installing a new air filter, call a professional to do it for you.

Check The Electrical Panel

Most electrical panels won’t be labeled but you can always figure out which switch goes to your indoor air conditioning unit. Find the proper switch and check to see if it’s in the off position or sitting in the middle. When it is in the middle position that means it’s tripped and must be switched to the off position before switching it on.

Breaker boc for your air conditioner

This could be another cause of your air conditioner not turning on or working properly.

Check Your Thermostat

This may be a very basic solution but it’s easily overlooked. Your thermostat may not be turned on or the batteries may need to be changed.

How to change the batteries in your thermostat

Some things to check on your thermostat:

  • Check to see if the temperature is set below the temperature in your home
  • Check the batteries and change, if necessary

How to change the batteries in your thermostat:

  • Pull off the face and the batter should be right in the back.
  • Put in new batteries and pop the facing back into place.
  • Turn your thermostat back onto cool and give it five minutes to properly start back up.

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