Can Ductwork be Repaired?

Technicians Repair Ducts.

Can ductwork be repaired?

If you’ve noticed one area of your house heats or cools less than others, you might have a problem with airflow and ductwork. Your ductwork could be leaking or otherwise damaged. Duct repair is actually one of the least expensive of fixes you’ll need when it comes to your HVAC system. It’s also the least disruptive of repairs. More often than not, the repairs simply involve having the ducts sealed, which will improve the airflow, as well as improve indoor air quality and help prevent safety hazards like “backdrafting,” in which combustion gases get released in the house instead of escaping outside.

To further improve your indoor air quality, you might also consider having your ducts professionally cleaned. A cleaning will eliminate significant amounts of dust, allergens, and other contaminants that affect your safety and health. For expert duct cleaning in Cumming, GA, look to the professionals at Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning. Schedule a service online or by calling 678-778-1328.

How do I check ductwork?

If your ductwork seems to be causing problems with airflow, you can check your ducts yourself. Most of your ductwork can be accessed either in your attic, crawlspace, or basement. Gaps, tears, and disconnections should be obvious. You should also check for any duct tape, which will indicate someone has made a duct repair before to patch a leak.

Also, place your hand over connections to feel for leaks. Anytime you feel air blowing on your hand, you have a leak. Use a grease pencil to mark the leak so you know where to seal it. If you don’t detect any leaks, poor airflow might be caused by an obstruction inside the duct that can be removed with a professional cleaning.

How do you fix a leaking air duct?

In some cases, duct repair is a fairly simple process. Once you’ve found the leak and marked it, you can often seal the leak using professional-grade aluminum foil tape or a mastic sealant. Don’t use standard duct tape to seal leaks.

For duct leak repair:

  • Clean the area around the leak first so the sealant will adhere.
  • For flat surfaces, seal the leak by placing a strip of foil tape over the damaged surface.
  • Apply mastic sealant to gaps that you can tape. Spread the sealant with a paintbrush.
  • For gaps that are larger than 1/4-inch, you’ll have to use a combination of mastic sealant and foil tape.

Can you use Flex Seal on ductwork?

Flex Seal is a brand of rubber sealant used in a variety of applications across a wide spectrum of industries. It’s used on concrete, metal, and wood, as well as for duct repair.

Duct repair kit

For do-it-yourself duct repair, you want to keep several materials at hand for quick fixes. First, for small holes, you want to keep a variety of sealants on hand including mastic sealant and aluminum foil tape. You must use foil-backed tape because it holds up to high heat. Other types of tape, like standard duct tape, can be a smoke and fire hazard. For larger holes, you’ll also want to have 26-gauge sheet metal patches handy. To work with the sheet metal, you’ll need a power screwdriver and sheet metal screws. Other useful tools and materials will include a grease pencil to mark the leaks before sealing them and a flashlight or other light source to see in your attic or crawlspace.

Should ductwork be replaced after 20 years?

Like other components of your HVAC system, after about 15 to 20 years, you might want to consider having your ductwork replaced. While it might seem your air ducts do very little but push air through your system, they’re actually continually expanding and contracting as temperatures change. That’s often why leaks develop as the expansion and contraction open gaps in connections. While these gaps can be sealed with some simple duct repairs, over time the ducts will begin to operate less efficiently. This can cause more strain on your HVAC system and lead to it operating less efficiently as well. That can also cause it to break down more often. New ducts can end up saving you money in the long run on repair costs and energy bills.

Age is usually the deciding factor between duct repair and replacement. As with anything else, your air ducts will last much longer if you have them inspected and maintained regularly along with the rest of your HVAC system. Having an HVAC professional like those at Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning inspect your ducts is the best way to determine whether or not your ductwork needs to be replaced.

A Damaged Section of Ductwork

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Whenever you’re having problems with airflow in your home, it’s often caused by faulty ductwork. While small leaks can be sealed fairly easily, for more extensive duct repair in Cumming, GA, look to the professionals at Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning. We also provide duct cleaning services. You can book us online today or give us a call 678-778-1328 to schedule your next appointment.