Homeowning comes with a lot of ups and downs throughout the seasons which causes you as a homeowner a lot of frustration. One of the problems you are dealing with is your air conditioner.

With Spring and Summer approaching, it’s time for those temperatures to go up. Although this is great for some, it’s not for those with air conditioner issues.

You’ve performed your Spring testing on your air conditioner and it’s not blowing cold air!

What does this mean?

You’ve come to the right place!

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your air conditioner is not blowing air. Let’s break down those reasons to help you better understand why your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air.

Refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak can cause your air conditioning system to stop blowing cold air and keep your home in uncomfortable conditions. Not only is it an inconvenience to the health of the environment but yours as well. A leak can also cause your system to work harder than it should which leads to a higher bill.

A few signs your refrigerant is leaking:

  • Feeling warm air through your vents
  • Unusual sounds coming from your indoor unit
  • Your electric bills have increased
  • Your home is taking longer to cool

How does AC refrgerant work?

Blown Capacitor

A capacitor is what helps your air conditioning system have the energy to function and run efficiently. The capacitor gives the motor the boost it needs to blow the cool air from your system.

How do I know when the a/c capacitor is blown?

  • Your system is making a clicking sound
  • Hard starts! A Hard start is when your A/c is struggling to start up then abruptly turns off after a short time. This is one of the most common signs of a blown capacitor.

What does an a/c capacitor do?

Motor Failure

Your air conditioner is turned on but the motor isn’t running or you’re experiencing weak airflow from the vents in your home. This all points to a motor failure. In addition, air conditioning motor failures may require an extensive fix.

The A/C capacitor can be the cause of motor issues but it may also be:

  • Fan blades are blocked by an object
  • Your air filter needs to be replaced

WHat does your AC motor do?

If your air conditioning system is showing any of these signs, you should contact a professional for the safety of your health and your home. Spring/Summer is arriving soon and it’s best to be ready before the heat takes over your home.

For a quick fix, contact Kennon Heating & Air to get your system ready and put your mind at ease.

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