Homeowners always question if duct cleaning is worth their money and the answer is simple, yes!

Air ducts promote airflow throughout your home. They are the reason the hot air from your heater and cool air from your air conditioner travel from the unit to each room.

Most people very rarely remember to clean their air ducts but what they don’t know is the number of irritants that are collected over time.

Some factors that contribute to needing a frequent HVAC system cleaning are:

  • Cigarette/cigar Smoke
  • A pet parent
  • Water contamination or damage to your home
The benefits of air duct cleaning

After so long these contaminants build up more and more which only reduces the quality of the air in your home. If you have occupants in your home that deal with asthma and allergies, are young children or elderly then they are more susceptible to poor air quality.

Now that you know why you need air duct cleaning, let’s talk about the benefits of air duct cleaning!

Decreases your energy bills

Getting an expensive bill drives us all crazy especially when it’s something we could have avoided. Well, this is the case for duct cleanings as well! How can a duct cleaning decrease your bill? When your ducts are clogged and air can’t flow through freely, it makes your HVAC system work harder than it should. This causes your bills to increase and may result in system damage but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Removes obstructions that minimize airflow

Now that you know how air ducts work you know why this is important to the health of your home and your system. If your air ducts are blocked then it makes more work for your HVAC system. This is why we use one of the most advanced systems on the market! This system goes into your air ducts and scrubs away all of the debris and obstructions stopping the air in your home to flow freely.

Improves your home’s air quality

We spend more than 50% of our time inside our home which is why we have to keep our air quality up to par. Since air ducts are the source of airflow, not cleaning them only raises the risk of having polluted air in your home. Keeping your ducts cleaned and clear of debris assists with the upkeep of your air quality and maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Having a maintenance plan will help your system survive from season to season while saving any additional money you would normally spend on a breakdown.

Learn about what a maintenance plan includes and how to save money on HVAC maintenance.

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